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Sunday, November 18, 2007

LIFE: Sounds: Home doing everything than what I should be/channel surfing

I haven't watched (and enjoyed) the American Music Awards since I was little and Michael Jackson was still the king of pop, but I happen to be surprisingly doing both. I wish I could blame the writer's strike, but I'm really just watching it out of curiosity and boredom. A few thoughts.

-A country band, whose name I didn't catch, is singing Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and it doesn't sound half bad. It actually sounds like the song could have been a honkey tonk one from the get-go. The line "you must not know 'bout me" sounds equally as country as it does 'hood after all. Now Beyonce herself has joined them for the second verse. Best of both worlds.

-I love Alicia Keys' performance because 1) I'm addicted to her old school feel-good single "No One" 2) I'm addicted to the dancehall remix of said song 3) She sang both versions with the help of legit dancehall singers like Junior Reid and Beanie Man instead of enlisting someone corny like, say, Akon or an equally mainstream-friendly artist 4) She's doing the Butterfly, let alone dancing at all and 5) She finally stopped stuffing herself into those damned skinny jeans (the Studio 54-style bodysuit looks much sexier on her).

-Duran Duran should also pass on skinny jeans.

-Did Carrie Underwood really just thank her "entourage"? Wasn't she just a contestant on reality TV?

-Who is Daughtry?

-They are already giving Beyonce a lifetime achievement style award circa Michael Jackson 1989, complete with a video montage of performance footage and crying, screaming fans in Asia. It seems a bit early considering she's only 26.

-Mary J. Blige is also dancing. Hard. Her posturing is taking me back to her "What's the 411" days.


Anonymous Danielle said...

Hi there -

Love this site! I haven't watched the AMA's in ages either. I've just given up on awards shows. I am sorry I missed Alicia and Mary.

Alicia's new album is solid and I love Mary J. She's come a long way from "What's The 411?" "My Life" and the "Mary" album are still my faves from her.

6:31 PM  

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