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Monday, November 12, 2007

LIFE: Random source of laughter: Where's my "pock-a-book"?

Yesterday, on the train, we overheard a woman talking about her new, “$400 Coach pocketbook.” And it struck us, because “pocketbook” is not really a term we hear that often in the city; it’s commonly used in the South, though. And then, randomly, a friend and loyal Muse reader emailed us this hilarious little anecdote:

"One of my friends has a two-year-
old who spends A LOT of time with her grandma in Charles County,
 Virginia and when she was in town visiting a little over a week ago, the 
little girl was carrying around a little purse. Every time we asked her
 about her "purse," Chloe (her name) would frown and look confused. Finally, 
my friend (her mother) came over and corrected us. What Chloe was carrying 
around was a "Pock-a-book", not a purse. The moment she heard “Pock-a-book
” she smiled and repeated "pock-a-book", "pock-a-book" . . . not purse, not
 handbag, not clutch, or tote. "Pock-a-book." HA!!!!"

Just for the record, Wikipedia has this entry for "pocketbook": A pocketbook is similar to a purse (in the British English sense), but allows the carrying of sheets of paper as well.

And Merriam-Webster Online has this:

pocket book : a small especially paperback book that can be carried in the pocket
: a flat typically leather folding case for money or personal papers that can be carried in a pocket or handbag

And when we did a Google Image search for the term, the photo we got is the one above.


Anonymous Nan said...

ok, 'pock-a-book' is my new word!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Nan said...

ok, 'pock-a-book' is my new word!

3:20 PM  

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