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Friday, June 22, 2007

LIFE: Cramps: Home sick: Stream of consciousness/channel surfing

-Warren G is getting choked up on the "Celebrity Fit Club" finale. He's the fourth contestant to tear up on this show in the last 20 minutes. Only everyone else cried freely and he keeps doing this weird throat-clearing thing in order to man-up and fight back the waterworks. But the throat-clearing is making it worse. He should just cry like everyone else

-"The Real World Las Vegas" cast reunited????? Why did I not know this? This cast was the last time I watched the show, which must have been about five years ago. Alton and Irulan are still at each other's throats.

-My neighbor is playing that new Lauryn Hill song from the penguin movie soundtrack way too loud. I can feel the bass coming through the bottom of my couch.

-An MTV News segment shows the making of a UGK video with Outkast, Three Six Mafia and...Farnsworth Bentley?

-Back on VH1, some man named Cledus with a really heavy accent is crying because he lost two more pounds and is about to conquer his fear of flying. I never knew losing weight was such an emotional experience. This is officially my least favorite VH1 show. I wish "Charm School" were on instead.

-The Ibuprofen still hasn't kicked in yet? I wonder if it's okay to take two more in less than an hour.

-Some woman made a YouTube music video about her crush on Barack Obama. So it's not just me, other women think he's sexy too. But I also happen to also really agree with his plan to end the war in Iraq and improve our healthcare system.

-That reminds me, my friend went to a screening of Michael Moore's "Sicko" yesterday, I wonder if it lives up the hype surrounding it.

-The Ibuprofen is still not working for me.


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